2011 Gold Team Wins at Provincials

2011 Gold Team Wins at Provincials

We are so very proud of our 2011 U13 Gold team. In our first season in the Metro League and the U13 provincials they were crowned Champions. The defeated the Burnaby Eagles in the final 60-39 after losing to those same Eagles in the semi final. The Balloholics used the convoluted draw to the back door to get back to the championship and capitalized on the second chance.

It has been a great season for a great group of kids. They worked so hard and had so much fun together. We have many to thank for getting this group together and supported. Starting with Doreen George at Edmonds Community School who we first talked to last spring with our crazy idea, she seemed to like it as much as me. Along the way we got a hand from Tim Lai at Morley, Marilyn Kwok at 12th Ave. Elementary and Dino Klarich at Edmonds.

The Balloholics with a total U12/U13 group of 30 kids in its first try won their division in both the Metro League and the U13 provincials. Balloholics hold the distinction of being the smallest Steve Nash group in BC. We were successful against programs drawing their teams from hundreds of kids in the age group. Six team members were in their first year of organized sports. They would not have even played basketball this year if not for the Balloholics and KidSport funding they received.

We are so proud of our boys, happy for our parents and our coaches. GOOD JOB.

Team Members that brought home the Gold at the provincials included:

  • Isabelo Bautista
  • Stanley Ho
  • Romeo Melendez
  • Abdul Bangura
  • Dante Lewis
  • Marshall Cocker
  • Jasmeet Randhawa
  • John Saah
  • Haji Gholum Yahya

Coaches: Gani Bautista and Alvin Lewis

The hunt for next season’s Gold team starts today. =)