2016 Fall Session Online April 29th

The Fall Session will go live and open for registration on April 29th. There are some changes in the programs so please read the info if you’re a regular student. There will be more all girls classes and new leagues. The only coed classes now are U7. We hope this encourages more girls to give the sport a try. So girls bring a friend and keep these classes going. We can’t run empty classes we get charged anyway.

New leagues playing on Fridays’ next fall include U11/12/13 girls and U14/15 boys. We’ve been doing the boys spring league a couple years now and we expect more boys would like to get ready for high school by getting in some games. There is one skill session per week for both classes.

jrNBA returns next fall with one class again. There are only 20 spots so register early we only do one of these per year. We plan to add more classes in the same age group throughout the year but they will not be  part of the jrNBA program.

We look forward to another great season watching our kids get taller , better and meeting new players and their families.