A Letter To Every Girl Who Plays Sports—and her Parents

Research proves that girls gather far more benefits from sports than boys. It makes a bigger impact on their confidence, self esteem, their ability to set and achieve goals. We see many girls come into our program for a session or two and move on, but we hear more excuses from parents like she doesn’t have the time. I know from speaking with my own niece how stressed she felt with all the programs her parents had her in. More research indicates that children are losing the ability to PLAY? with each other. We feel its important to mention a simple solution to building a well rounded young woman with confidence: play sports!

The article below goes to our girls and parents:

Molly Fletcher CEO/ Keynote Speaker

I see you running your heart out on the field and court, your braids bobbing, your face all kinds of determined to win. You love to play and win, and each time gives you a reason to stick with your sport. That’s your competitive heart—the desire to be the best. And I see your parents on the sidelines, pulling for you so hard, and sometimes the pressure that creates in a family. I know because I’m a mom of three girls who play sports, and I competed in NCAA Division I tennis. In honor of National Girls and Women in Sports Day, I have two important words for you.

Keep going.

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