ABA Rolls Into Town

ABA Rolls Into Town

August 5,2014

Balloholics staff are hard at work this summer with no time for vacation this summer as the whole program is being reshaped to integrate our Senior team and our youth program into one unit. Parents and students can expect to see our pro players in our classes either stopping by or coaching in various sessions once they are trained in our program. First home game for the Senior Balloholics goes November 21st @ Langley Events Centre vs the Calgary Crush. It looks to be a great rivalry for years to come. We look forward to hosting the Calgary team and visiting them on their turn Feb 6/7, 2015. Balloholics youth program will add a number of new classes this fall and winter see the fall registration here.


June 23, 2014

Vancouver Ballloholics have signed their first free agent for the 2014/15 season.

Brody Greig, guard for the Langara Falcons men’s basketball team in Vancouver, B.C., is the 2014 CCAA Male Athlete of the Year Across All Sports.

Greig was named PACWEST’s Athlete of the Week four times during Langara’s 20-1 regular season, as well as a member of the PACWEST First Team All-Star, the PACWEST Men’s Basketball Player of the Year, and MVP at the PACWEST championship, where the Falcons earned the provincial conference title. The team then went on to earn the 2014 CCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship title, and Greig was named a two-time CCAA All-Canadian, CCAA national championship MVP, and the 2014 PACWEST Athlete of the Year across All Sports.

Greig led the PACWEST in assists with 10.05 per game, ranked fifth for rebounds and seventh in scoring. Greig also served as a volunteer at Langara College and community events.

GM Wayne Best stated “we are excited to have Brody Greig the CCAA National Player of the Year. To have an athletic big sized PG is an excellent start to what is going to be an exciting year.”

VSC Director Dave Poon Tip saw Brody play during the season and that was when he first came on our radar. “Brody is the exact type of player the ABA is in position to help advance to the next level of professional basketball. In over 40 years of basketball we see a unique player. ”

Balloholics free agent camp is slated for July 22 at BCIT in Burnaby BC.

March 14, 2014


Victory Sports Camps a NPO based in Burnaby, British Columbia has acquired the territorial rights to the GVRD to field a team in the American Basketball Association ( www.abalive.com ) for the 2014/15 season. There will be over 100 teams in the ABA next season and it promises to be their best season yet. Just this week the ABA has signed on to have their league finals in Shreveport LA to be televised live by ESPN3 ( www.watchESPN.com ) with over 85 million subscribers globally on various digital platforms.

The team will give local College and University graduates an opportunity to compete at the next level on their path to professional basketball if that is their eventual goal.  In speaking with Lawrie Johns the director of Basketball BC he agreed that there has been a need for this stepping stone for local players for many years.

Balloholics are currently a youth based program providing classes from grades 2-9 year round and is a member of Steve Nash Youth Basketball and the AAU. (www.balloholic.com ) Established in 2006 and starting with a dozen students, VSC grown to over 400 registrations annually.

Director of the program Dave Poon Tip had the ABA opportunity presented to him in 2013 and could only see the project going forward as an extension of the youth program already established. Looking at the various models in the ABA network of close to 90 teams we were able to find similar models established in the ABA up and running. The new ABA was revived in 2000 and has some of the original people who started the ABA back in the 60’s.

Balloholics will be expanding and revamping their entire youth program this fall to support the operation of the senior ABA team. ( www.aba.balloholic.com) We are looking forward to the challenge and have started our journey to the ABA.