Balloholics Celebrate 10 Years

Balloholics enter their 10th season working with youth in Burnaby. It’s hard to believe we are hitting this milestone. Our first class back in 2006 had 13 students in all grades. We still remember many of those kids but haven’t seen them in a while. Since then hundreds of students have passed through our program and this fall will likely again be the biggest class ever. We continue to grow but keep it at a slow pace so we provide the quality classes we are known for.

The last year or two have been a challenge with rising cost for gym fees and finding new coaches to join the program. We are very proud of how far we’ve come and seeing the success of some of our former students in basketball. Our greatest success is not with top level basketball players but with students unsure of themselves in their first basketball class with us. We help them slowly build their skill , make new friends and blossom with confidence.  These are the majority of students who are in our program and learn to love the game. Learn they can achieve goals and some even become basketball players. This is basically the reason we were invited to China this summer to talk about our program. What may come as a surprise to some is that they have been asking me to go to China for 6 years.

It was not easy getting to 2016 but nothing worthwhile is. People thank us all the time about our program and what it has meant to them and their children. But maybe its I who should thank you for allowing us to be part of your children’s lives. We get to watch them grow up with you, we’ve learned a lot along the way , changed , fallen down but no matter what we always had this program to work on, care for and keep going because our kids love it.

I can say that the only reason we are at 10 years today is because of every parent and child that have spent time in our program. From our first group of parents that always wondered what we were doing next when we had nothing planned. They were the ones who kept us working on making new programs that exist today.  So a big thank you for dragging me along with your families and allowing us to meet them.