Balloholics Explore The Orient

Head Coach Dave departed for his first visit to China on schedule arriving in Shanghai Friday July 8th. Dave and Gabe were met at the Pudong International Airport by the director of Infistar Vincent Chang. It was a long trip there as we headed to Hangzhou shortly after arriving and headed to our first basketball game. After some much needed rest and a few ups and downs the first couple days ; the trip got on track and all our expectations were met after meeting some of the youngsters at summer camp in Hangzhou and observing their operations. Dave instructed a couple demo classes for Infistar and also had the opportunity to visit Zhijiang Lions of the CBA practice facility and meet VP Phillip Xu for extended meeting about future exchange programs for our youth. We were very well received by players, coaches and staff at Infistar.

Dave was also interviewed by Hangzhou television and we now have the clip online. There you can see Dave speak fluent Mandarin. Coach is one quick study.

On July 13 Dave was flown to Xian to demo a practice and talk with coaches at Infistar Xian.  Again it was great meeting the coaches who were very welcoming and eager to learn about the Balloholics. Xian is also the home of the Terracotta warriors and we were not about to leave Xian without getting to see the 8th wonder of the world as I’m told. It was a very exciting day and added bonus to seeing China up close and personal.

We have very good feedback so far from China on our visit so we expect to see our new friends again soon either in Vancouver or back in China.

Now lets get ready for the best fall session ever !!