China Calling

Plans are in the works for the Director of Victory Sports Camps to visit China this summer to showcase the Balloholic youth program and its way of building confidence , self esteem and creativity in all their students not just their elite students. An official invitation was extended recently however it was years in development.

Balloholics will be speaking with many groups in China about long term partnerships that could see Chinese students here for the Balloholics summer camps as early as next summer. Talks will also include opportunities for the Senior Men’s Balloholic team. It’s a very exciting summer ahead for the program.

We can only say its nice to be recognized for our unique approach to teaching youth sports. We’ll be sure to update all our social media while we are abroad this July. Gabe Gibbs of Senior Balloholic team will also be heading to China to assist VSC Director Dave Poon Tip.

Gabe is very familiar with China as he’s worked and played overseas in China on several occasions. He was in China in May with a team from Washington again playing CBA teams and pursuing his dream of being a professional trainer/player.