Please review some of the frequently asked questions we get via email or phone calls.

Q: What’s the cost ? Where is the class? What day is the class on?
A:  This info is posted on our website once a session is open for registration.

Q: Can I get a receipt?
A: We do not send receipts, they are automatically generated when you register. It is also how we are able to communicate with you via email .  If you did not note when it arrived you can still search your email box or spam to recover it. If it still can’t be found we should be able to forward you another copy.

Q: What’s the refund policy?
A: The refund policy is in the email confirmation you receive upon registration. View the refund policy by clicking HERE

Q: Can I stop by the office to register or pay by check?
A: The address we have is a mailing address not an office. We are not large enough to warrant that cost. Although due to our fab website and great social media people do assume we’re a band of thousands. 🙂

Q: How long have you been in operation?
A: Balloholics were established in 2006 at Burnaby  Central by the senior coach at the time to help develop the elementary players in Burnaby headed to high school. The group is a non profit that has grown from 12 students the first year to several hundred registrations annually.

Q: Do I need a reversible? 
A: You only need a reversible if you’re in our 2 day per week classes and playing in one of our BYBL leagues or have registered to just play in a league.

Q: Are the coaches certified? 
A: Yes all coaches in the program attend the fall coaching clinic headed by the Balloholics program director who is NCCP 3 certified, FIBA License and a Basketball Canada course conductor for new coaches in the Community coaching and L2T level of the NCCP program.

Q: Can my children register for the same class even if one is not in the correct age group?
A: This is usually not a problem if they are close in age and you wish to save some time by taking both to one class. Please contact the office first to verify if your situation and children can be accommodated in particular class.

Q: Does your program qualify for the child fitness tax credit? 
A: Yes

Q: Does your program qualify for KidSport or Jumpstart funding?
A: Yes. You should also be registered in the program first before applying. Recently however KidSport funding was tied to Basketball membership. So from year to year funding may not be available at KidSport. Depending on if it benefits our program or not. It is available this season 2017/18.