Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all our students , parents both current and former. As the spring break comes to a close over the holiday weekend. We’re getting ready to kick off the spring session which already has a couple wait lists. We normally don’t offer the same schedule of classes in the spring but this spring we’ve seen increased demand for some of our fall/winter locations which are not running in the spring.

We are already working on the summer camp schedule and our fall classes. There will be new locations and classes this fall as we make some adjustments to our offering to increase participation.

There are 2 all girls classes this spring for the first time in the U8-11 age groups. One goes Monday at Kitchener and the second goes Friday’s at Twelfth Ave. There is also a new spring class for boys and girls aged 5-7 yrs old for the first time an off shoot of our jrNBA class this fall.

Look for a all girls league next fall for girls grades 4-7. Let’s try to get the word out as the numbers of girls playing basketball are quite low in most programs. There are still spaces in the girls spring classes.

Spring classes kick off on Monday April 4th at Kitchener Elementary and more classes begin the following days and weeks with Spring Leagues starting April 12th.