After weeks of planning the jrNBA program debuted at Edmonds Community School with a full house. The kids were very well behaved generally and we were pleased how well they followed along with the class. It’s the Balloholics first class in this age group as basketball is a late skill development sport. The program will benefit kids in all sports as it’s a movement training based program similar to the Balloholics own program. As a matter of fact you won’t see much difference as the kids move up in future years if they stick with basketball and Balloholics.

We had a lot of goodies coming from the NBA for the kids. All the kids received a shoe bag, basketball and tee shirt featuring NBA teams. The league also included 6′ backboards and coach goodies also.

As  its a 12 week program we will only be running it once per season in two 6 week sessions, fall and winter. The next opportunity to be in the jrNBA will be the fall 2016. Registration for the fall begins in April 2016.