Kidsport Funding Update

Well it looks like after 9 years of support thanks to the great volunteers at the Burnaby chapter of KidSport Bill and Bonnie Chambers that funding has come to a halt. The issue is clouded in old/new policies , nobody can tell us which. Sport BC or KidSport BC ( same office) claims its the old policy now being enforced. Apparently that took 9 YEARS to do.  NO groups in Burnaby are now being funded by KidSport as of this past April. The volunteers at Burnaby KidSport are so frustrated they have resigned. They were a godsend for many families in Burnaby who have been funded in the past several years we have dealt with them.

This of course has increased the applications to JumpStart who are now already out of funds for 2016. So they are no longer taking applications. Consequently while we here at VSC used to facilitate this process by accepting and forwarding directly to the Chambers’ applications we received. We are no longer able to provide this service and not accepting KidSport or JumpStart in 2016.

If you require funding in 2017 we suggest you get that done well in advance as there is certainly a limit to what they can do although its a bigger program than KidSport. As with everything else , KidSport is a government non profit and money goes who knows where at the end of the day. I’m sure they ALL get paid well.

For more information please contact:

Thea Culley
Manager, KidSport™ BC
T: 604.333.3434