Off The Ball

Homework Tutor:

We are very clear on how we want our program to affect our kids. We want to address all the areas some kids just don’t get the help they need. One of those area is stressing the importance of school work. While I’d like to stop by and help those in need of tutoring. I think some grade 6 math escapes me.

However we have come across a site that is far more capable than I. Recently featured on 60 Minutes news magazine. The site is used by Bill Gates own children to do their homework. The Gates foundation since has made a substantial contribution for Khan Academy to expand their offering which is free to all children . Over 140 million lessons have been delivered to children worldwide. They are comitted to offering a world class education to all children, any where in the world.


Online Goal Setting Tool:

Welcome to the online goal setting tool presented by Esteem Team. Esteem Team is a national non profit we have used in the past to have Olympians speak to our kids about setting goals and the importance of setting goals. Rather than imply about the life lessons embedded in sports we like to sit our kids down from time to time and speak directly to this topic and its importance. This is a great fun way to learn how to set goals and keep it all private with your own account.

EnRICHed Academy:

EnRiched Academy is a program delivered in the classroom setting where we will introduce the topics of financial literacy for kids along with our goal setting principles. The program is new and we will be among the first to offer it in BC. We will be among the few to make it a permanent part of a youth sports program.We will have certification completed by next week and will offer the first session shortly.  Videos and text below are EnRiched Academy material. We are very pleased and excited to deliver this to our kids.

Balloholic Ambassadors:

Many of us have had the privilege of travel. Few of us get to travel for sport. I can say it was some of the most memorable moments of my life. Traveling to compete in Israel , Belgium, France all over Canada and the USA during my university days. We’ve long thought how we could add this to our program and bring something together that works for us and our kids.

We will blend the language of basketball with the wonder of travel for a few lucky Balloholics.  Our trips professionally planned by the #1 adventure travel company in the world , G Travel formerly Gap Adventures. We are so excited for our program.