Select Teams Spring



Schedule will be updated with exhibitions and confirmed tournaments before the spring league begins:

U13 Team Selected:

KMBA Spring Tourney  Kelowna / May 13-14
Trans Canada Tournament / Chilliwack / May 27
University of Victoria/ Victoria/ June 2-4th
AthElite Tournament / Surrey / June  16-18

Tournaments may change.  Fees include practice gyms, coaches, tournament fees, insurance , socks for new players.
Travel or hotels not included for overnight tournaments.
Tournament hotels will be forwarded to parents in advance for bookings.
Refer to this page for schedule updates.

Fee new players $600.
2016 Fall returning players $500.



We are no longer offering summer AAU basketball for a couple of reasons.
One being we are not a travel company.
Two there are far too many teams going down to the  US from Vancouver that don’t belong there. If you are paying your own way to play in the AAU, you don’t belong in the AAU. The AAU is a system based on talent identification and self perpetuation. If you’re NOT one of those talents you’re funding the whole program.

Kobe Bryant:

“I hate it because it doesn’t teach our players how to play the right way, how to think the game, how to play in combinations of threes. I think everything is a reward system. I think the coaches who are teaching the game are getting rewarded in one fashion or another. It’s just a showcase. I think it’s absolutely horrible for the game.”

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LeBron James:

“Yeah, I’ve seen it over time. And it’s hard because these little league coaches and these AAU coaches get a player, and he’s so good, and they want to win so bad that they just kind of give everything to that kid to keep him around. And hopefully, he doesn’t go to a better team or however it goes.”

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