Spring Has Sprung

Spring has certainly sprung at the Balloholics. The program has registered its largest group ever breaking the fall record. We added a new class this spring at Cariboo Hill which many people have asked for over the years and that was more of the same fall/winter lessons that we do every year. It was almost like adding another spring league as the class filled immediately and we expect we will have to add it to our session every year from here on out.

We have lots of new faces in the program and also spring teams running this year again for the first time in a couple years. We have revamped the schedule to be shorter , non AAU and still getting the boys out around the province to have fun. Our schedule will take in the UVic tournament where boys can view one of the options for post secondary school in the future.

Our summer camps and fall schedule will be online shortly as we await gym confirmation. The fall schedule will see some changes also in the registration process.