Spring Session Is Online Now

We are now midway through the winter session and I don’t know where the time goes?? We’re looking forward to adding some new programs this spring and hoping its a good fit for our students.

This spring we will add a lesson based class for boys grade 4-7 in our U11/U13 spring leagues. The reason is there are many new students who start in the spring and look for lessons. While our fall students have been doing 18 weeks of lessons when spring rolls around so we let them play and integrate what they’ve learned all year. We’ve already received many emails about spring lessons as we do every year. Boys in the spring league can also take the class if they choose it will be scheduled on Wednesdays at Cariboo Hill.

We are also adding spring league select teams that will play local tournaments in BC as we no longer offer AAU level programs. We rather craft a program that fits our students and gives them a fun experience and develops them at their pace. If you are interested in trying out for either team check the spring select teams page for further info.

Again we sometimes have wait list for some classes, so register early and save your spot. Do not register to save a spot and not show up or let us know you won’t be attending. It cost us time and money when that occurs.

Classes begin April 10th

Happy Spring 🙂