Welcome Back to School

We hope you had a great summer off from school. It was a very eventful summer for us. Once we wrapped up our biggest spring session ever in May. We began plans for the fall session and summer camps. We managed to run 4 summer camps the most ever and had 100 students register in the camps.

In July the HB was invited to China to talk about the Balloholics youth program in Hangzhou and Xian. It was a wonderful experience and we hope to build more relations with groups in China to benefit both countries. Many pics and details can be found on our Facebook page. Many Senior Men’s team members were also in China in July on various opportunities.

As for the coming Fall Session, well its filling up at quite a rapid pace. Much faster than we have ever seen. Some classes are full or near capacity. We normally get 70% registration from late August to the start of classes. We are already 70% full this year. We’ll have wait list, we will do the best we can to accommodate as many students as possible.

Attached is our Fall poster which is headed to all the schools in SD41. You can also pick up a copy of those posters but only 20 are allowed per school. We are looking forward to the new students and classes we will offer this fall. The new U14/15 boys league is already a ‘go’ , again 70% full already.

Girls U11-13 league has lots of spots and needs more girls to see this program run.

Let’s PLAY ball !!